It is one of the largest villages of the Omalon community, with approximately 400 inhabitants. One of the basic areas for the cultivation of the grapevine on the island, it belongs to the mountain region of Rombola. The cultivation of Rombola has been handed down from generation to generation with an abundance of love and respect. Rombola is a grape, which requires rocky ground, cool weather, sun and a lot of care so that it may fructify.

Poppou, Lakomatia, Aghios Parthenios, Kozanites, Karvounolakkos, Mavrodasos, Kouloumi, Agrapidia, Stavros, Fournaki, Peramata, Vagionaki, Kokkinopylia, Aghia Marina, Tsoukalata, Milies, Chalikias, Aghios Elias and Koronato are a few of the mountain sides which produce the excellent Rombola grape.


Grapevine cultivation and wine are intrinsically connected with the history, the folklore and the inhabitants daily lives. Only a few familifies in Fragata are not involved with vineyards. Almost everybody produces his or her own wine.

As Angelodionysos Dembonos writes (OINOS, Diatton, 1988) from ancient times no Kefallonian table can be imagined, whether it be one for a joyous or sad occasion or even one for daily meals, without a carafe full of pure wine. In the fields or on the thresher the flask or the hollowed out gourd has replaced the carafe.